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Stuart Humphries
Professor of Evolutionary Biophysics

Lincoln staff page
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Jessica Frith
Human Frontiers Science Program
/ UoL funded PhD

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Kamil Talar
Human Frontiers Science
Program funded PDRF

Lincoln staff page

Dr Òscar Guadayol - Fellow, Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA)

Dr Mariona Segura i Noguera - Electron and Optical Microscopy specialist, Institut de Ciències del Mar, Barcelona

Dr Sasi Pasupuleti

Dr Rudi Schuech - PDRA, Tulane University

Dr Matthew Walker - Data Scientist, NHS

Dr Fouad el Baidouri - PDRA, University of New Hampshire

Sei Suzuki Tellier - PhD, Danish Technical University

Dr Michael Orchard - Police accident investigator

Dr Katie Thornton - PDRA, University of Glasgow

Dr Alex Wyatt - Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

Dr Julia Simpson - Thoughtful rhino animation

Dr Oliver Beveridge - Ampleforth College

Dr Sarah Hendry - Kings College School

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